An Online Business Needs 24/7 Email Responses

Most people these days prefer to shop online.  It is fast, convenient, and most times, you can find the items you are looking for at much lower prices than you would find in a retail location.  However, just because you have an online business and the best website builder, you shouldn’t think that this alleviates your responsibility to provide excellent customer service.  Instead, customer service has taken a new shape in the online marketplace, making email responses the best way to get across to your customers that you care.


Email Is the New Customer Service Counter

When you are shopping at a retail location, it is simple to walk to the customer service counter to address any sort of questions or complaints that you may have.  When it comes to the online marketplace, your customer service counter is their email system.  Since you can’t talk to a representative face to face, it is easy to become frustrated when it appears that your questions are being ignored.  If you are an online seller, you really need to consider your incoming emails from potential or current customers as a line to the customer service counter and address the concerns as quickly as possible.


Get Some Help

Once you have been online for a while and have built a nice customer base, you will likely start seeing your inbox full on a regular basis.  If you are the only person in your company, it is going to become increasingly difficult to keep on top of that email inbox.  Once you get to this point, you may want to explore the possibility of implementing reply-software.  Many online retailers today save manpower using Reply Manager or other email reply software, which will allow you to send a response to a customer as soon as the email is received, no matter what time of day.

In order to be a successful online business, you need to offer great customer service.  Since email is the new customer service counter, it is essential that you address the concerns as quickly and fully as possible, twenty four hours a day, twenty four days a week.

If Twitch Played League of Legends

Twitch Plays Pokémon started out as a bit of a joke, but quickly became so popular that the Twitch servers were becoming overloaded with all the people that were trying to get in on the gameplay– or even just watch the disaster.

With thousands of players at any given time trying to control the classic Red/Blue Pokémon game, it was a miracle that they managed to beat the game at all. The popularity of this experiment has led people to wonder what might happen when Twitch picks its next game to attempt in a group setting.

There has been a bit of talk about starting a Twitch Plays League of Legends game, with a lot of people laughing at just how catastrophic it would be.

Destined for Failure

The more it looks like people are really entertaining the idea of Twitch taking on League of Legends, the more people are quick to point out that this can’t possibly end well, just like how they predicted the fate of ELO boosting services.

• The commands for League are a bit more complicated than the general “A,” “B,” or “left” that they needed to control Ash in Pokémon. This will make it that much harder to get the commands typed in a way that would respond.

• You can’t just play alone in League of Legends. Letting Twitch loose in a team setting is more than likely going to get that account flagged pretty quickly.

Probably the most obvious problem for Twitch Plays League of Legends is the same one that made their Pokémon experiment so tough to manage: the lag. Lag can trouble even the toughest players in League. Couple that with tens of thousands trying to control a character and you can’t help but expect a catastrophe.

Must-Have Software for Every Office

bp1Depending on what business you’re in, you need the best financial software programs tailored to suit your needs. In some cases, it is a matter of convenience; in others it is nothing short of a necessity. Print shops, for example, are practically required to perform their duties using programs such as Quark or N-Design. Customers who bring in their own digital files may not use such programs, but those who work in the industry will have to convert the files over so that it will be compatible with their printing equipment. For ink options use Brother Ink Cartridges.

Go With What You Know

In today’s office environment, most companies (large and small) are best off using the most widely available software, which is Microsoft Office 10. It may be tempting for a fledgling business or a business with a smaller budget to try out open-source programs, like Open Office, but the “free is better” approach can backfire if your business partners or clients aren’t using the same software – which they probably aren’t. The convenience of such widely-used programs more than pays for itself down the road – just in the savings on aspirin.

Hardware and Software

When it comes to virus protection software, Symantec is the usual weapon of choice, but that’s not nearly as much of a client concern as other programs; thatss generally an internal matter, whether one is dealing with firewalls or spyware protection. Another internal matter, scheduling and payroll and the like, can either be done with Quickbooks Pro or can be farmed out to an accountant… Who likely will be using Quickbooks Pro. If you own a auto dealership, first pencil software is definitely a  must have.

The other choice a business owner has to make deals with a company website. Some companies prefer to do their IT work in house, while others take advantage of low-cost, high-efficiency virtual servers (especially if they have multiple sites). In either event, offices are well-served with multiple e-mail accounts, security features and digital breadth and depth like never before. In today’s rapidly expanding cyberspace, the sky is the limit, so there’s no reason to keep your feet planted firmly on the ground.

Creating the perfect business plan template can be difficult, but there are many online resources that can help.

Snagging the Christmas Dollars

How many people are on your Christmas gift list?  If you are like most of us your list grows every year, new additions to the family, new friends and co-workers and for so many other reasons we find ourselves extending our gift list and therefore increasing our gift spending.  Of course we all like to give gifts that have a meaning, something the recipient will appreciate and enjoy, but that can get expensive, you can save but you will have to be a savvy shopper to save.  There are many ways shoppers save, coupons, promo codes, free shipping and various other tools are available to the shopper who seeks to save and snag up the deals.  Many smart shoppers don’t wait until the Christmas season to shop, they look for good buys throughout the year and purchase gifts when they find the best price.  Look into a payday loan to be able to afford all your Christmas gifts. Of course this way of saving requires organization and foresight, but it is probably one of the best ways to save.  Shopping sites such as offer savings on many items throughout the year and always offer Amazon promo codes to their shoppers, these can save you a lot of dollars if used when they are available.


Snagging and Saving


Getting the best price, snagging a deal gives the shopper a feeling of euphoria, being able to make that purchase that will delight your recipient and saving money at the same time is quite a special feeling.  The best deal getters will advise you to plan ahead and shop when things go on sale.  The items we want the most will for the most part be offered at a savings sometime throughout the year, buy early and keep your saved dollars in your pocket.  Having money in your pocket for the holidays and after is a good feeling, no one wants to be broke for the holidays because they spent all their money on gifts for family and friends.  By spreading out your spending dollars throughout the year you can eliminate the Christmas rush and be prepared well in advance of the holiday.


Hidden Savings


In addition to shopping early, if you shop really early such as end of the year sales and clearances you can maximize your Christmas dollars even more.  You know your family and their taste, after season sales are usually quite good and stocking away a clearance or half-price item to give for the next season will save you money.  Enjoy the season, be prepared with just the right gift and keep money in your pocket by snagging the deals early.

Internet Marketing Will Gain Sales Prospects

If your business has been lacking the new customers needed to push your company to the next level, you truly should consider online marketing.  With millions of visitors each day, the virtual marketplace has almost taken the place of the shopping mall, and if your company doesn’t have an online marketing strategy, you are missing out on more revenue than you may imagine.  If you are looking for a way to get those new sales prospects through the door, it is time to come up with an online campaign that can bring you the volume of customers that you need.


Online Marketing

There are plenty of ways that business owners can use the internet to bring in profits, but if no one knows about your company, how can your company truly live up to its potential?  Even those businesses with the most complex and state of the art websites will fail, if no one visits the sites to buy the services or goods offered by the business.  Starting an online campaign will put your website in front of consumers that may have never even known about your company, if not for the intelligent use of marketing.  Whether you choose to advertise through popular social media sites or if you want to explore the possibility of using website tracking or other tracking services, you truly need to get a leg up as quickly as possible.


Getting Help

Creating and implementing an online marketing strategy isn’t necessarily the easiest thing to do.  As a matter of fact, if you are new to the online marketplace, you may not even know where to begin.  This isn’t a problem!  Luckily, there are plenty of marketing experts out there that are ready to help you plan and implement your strategy.  Yes, these experts will likely cost you a bit more money, but when it comes to the success of your business, the old saying “you have to spend money to make money” really should be taken to heart.  There are also sites like that will help you manage your lead generation campaigns.

Online marketing can mean the difference between becoming a Fortune 500 company or falling into the dot com pit of failed business ideas.  While these strategies can be extensive and costly, it really is worth it once all has been said and done.  Once people start seeing what your company has to offer, your sales prospects will multiply quickly, taking your business where you want it to go.

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Repurposing Workers in the New Economy

business 4With the new economy business is dependent on finding new ways to cut costs. Sometimes cutting costs means cutting employees or repurposing your current staff to work more efficiently. It is no secret that efficiency saves money by cutting man hours. If an employee has less steps to accomplish a task they are able to get more work done.
Going paperless is a way to increase your workers productivity, decrease space used for storage, eliminate time spent looking for lost documents and streamline processes. The implementation and planning involved with going paperless is a process better done in phases.

Phase One- Training

Once you decide on a document management vendor. The first phase is training your staff. Typically either you will have on-site training by your chosen vendor or a few key personnel will attend training sessions at a facility setup by your document management vendor and become certified to train the other employees. The best vendors will even customize the training to your organization. This assures that all of your needs are met within the training environment.

Phase Two- Implementation

Winning over your staff is easier if you allow them to voice their concerns along the way. Remember the usually hesitation by employees to go paperless is based on the fear that they will somehow be less efficient after the switch. This is a real concern and in fact initially they may take some time to get up top speed. But they will soon find that a paperless system is the most efficient and easiest way to maintain and retrieve just about any currently paper based documentation. Employees who collaborate on documents will find that a paperless system makes collaboration much easier, especially when trying to manage version control. Overall in time, everyone will see the benefits of a paperless system.

Phase Three- Reward

Once you are ready to go paperless, consider rewarding employees who are making the effort to break old habits. Perhaps a portion of measured savings on paper and supplies such as folders can be used to give something nice to your employees like purchase lunch one day or offer a half-day off. Of course this is not feasible in every work environment but it is still important to let employees know that they are appreciated for their hard work and effort in the process.


The Complete Guide To Increasing Employee Productivity



4 Clever Fundraising Ideas

The one frustrating aspect of running a nonprofit is trying to come up with innovative fundraising ideas. People are turned off by athletes and Girl Scouts that come around each year begging for money. When it comes to nonprofit organizations they have little patience. For those nonprofits clever enough to initiate new ideas, it is easier to spark participation.



#4 Delight The Masses

When your nonprofit is smart enough to use community members in your fashion shows that is what makes people come out and support. Parents come out to see their kids and teens in a fashion show. Grandparents, Uncles, Aunts, and friends respond also. Just think if you had entire families in the show how many tickets you could sell. The cost of the tickets would not matter much as long as you kept them reasonable. Local boutiques and even some mall department stores will gladly loan out clothes, because it gets people shopping in their stores and boutiques later. It is a win-win for all persons involved.


#3 Attach Your Fundraiser To A Holiday

Everyone loves a holiday. Notice how furniture stores and car dealerships attach a special sale to every holiday imaginable. Valentines Day, Fourth of July, Halloween, Veterans Day, and many other calendar holidays are used to bump up sales. There is no law that prevents you from applying the same idea to your nonprofit fundraiser.


#2 Try Affinity Group Fundraisers

Rather than trying to use your measly list of contacts, why not gain the support from a professional network of people who are attached to a different group. For instance, your accounting software for nonprofits can help locate Nurses or Lawyers networks. These groups can hold a mixer of their large group of members with the express intent of fundraising for your nonprofit. These groups usually have a large viral social network of followers who would be more than happy to come out and support and spend time with their friends. Very little effort comes from you, other than maybe passing out their business cards to people that come to your nonprofit and may need help from that group’s members.


#1 Never Underestimate The Power Of Kids

Many times people want to introduce their kids to volunteering, but are not sure what to involve them in. By holding a fundraiser that involves kids you can help parents with this effort while drawing out kids and their families. Naming it Kids Day or something to that effect, your nonprofit staff can teach kids acting, drawing, painting, modeling, and dancing and charge so much per kid. Advertising this at schools, Girl and Boy scout meetings, television and social media, you would be surprised how many kids you can draw out and how much money you can raise.

Whether you use kids, professional groups, holidays, or fashion shows, to fundraise for your nonprofit organization the goal is the same. The main point is to be unique in your mission to raise money. Once you are consistently creative your nonprofit will gain a reputation of being the organization that hosts fun events and support will grow. This will in turn help your nonprofit mission continue to succeed, until the next fundraiser has to be planned.

How To Avoid The Pitfalls Of Payday Loans

loan 7What is a Payday Loan? It’s a small, short term loan (usually up to $500.00) that’s designed to help you pay unexpected bills until your next payday. Payday Loans are a quick and easy way to get access to short term funds when you need the money quickly without having to go through the hassle of applying for a loan at a bank or advancing money off your credit card.

Where Can You Apply For A Payday Loan?

This question is as easy as looking up Payday Loan Companies in your phone book. There are most likely dozens of Payday Loan companies for you to choose from in your local area and also a wide variety of Payday Loans Online for you as well. Before you choose a Payday Loan company make sure to research that company online to see if there has been any complaints against them and if they are compliant with the Better Business Bureau.. You can save yourself a lot of money and headaches by following through with this step before signing that Payday Loan contract.

What Not To Do With Payday Loan Companies

Even though it’s easy to get a Payday Loan don’t be fooled into thinking that you can pay off the loan at any time that you want to. When you sign up for a new Payday Loan set a priority to pay it off on your next pay-day, because if you don’t you will have to re-advance the loan and that’s going to cost you a lot of money very quickly. Another mistake that you don’t want to make with Payday Loans Online is taking out a second Payday Loan when you already have one that’s unpaid. This is a recipe for disaster that a lot of people fall into and it sends them deeper into debt. You can avoid this trap with Payday Loans by setting a priority to pay off the loan quickly, only doing one loan at a time and most important of all not getting into the habit of taking a Payday Loan every month because you will lose money very quickly.

Note: If you have borrowed money in the last 10 years and paid for payment insurance you may be entitled to a mis sold ppi refund.

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Recognizing Philanthropists Doing Great Work

If it weren’t for the philanthropists and nonprofit organizations of the world what kind of shape would all of the following be in?  Starving nations, towns devastated by natural disasters, the planets, the atmosphere of the planet, helpless animals, the arts, education, and all of the other worthy causes that never seem to stop.  And no that doesn’t mean that ‘they never stop’ means bombarding you for money, money, money.  What that means is that they never, ever stop… they never stop caring, they never stop giving, they never stop working toward a better world or situation, they never stop just because things get tough.


The Greatest Philanthropists Of Our Time

Being a philanthropist doesn’t necessarily mean working for a nonprofit organization. If you’ve done something from which people or a cause have benefited greatly you are more likely than not in the running.  Here are some of the greatest philanthropists our time: Oprah Winfrey, Mother Teresa, Howard Hughes, Bill Gates, William Vanderbilt, Levi Strauss, John D. Rockefeller (the third, the second and yes, the first), Christopher Reeve, Ronald Perelman (and his parents), Dolly Parton, Paul Newman…  and of course the person for whom the Nobel Prize was named in the first place, Alfred Nobel.


A True Humanitarian If Ever There Was One

Yank Barry is known not so much for his historic rendition of “Louie Louie” back in the good old days between 1968 in 1970 anymore.  So what is he known for today?  Nothing much, just  getting nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize!  How the heck did that happen?  Glad you asked.  Take a gander at this: this man has been the recipient of the 2011 GLA philanthropist of the year award, Gusi peace prize for social services, humanitarian award from the Red Cross, humanitarian service award from India and the Juarez Mexico hands of love award.  Not only that but more than 19 international and national as well as humanitarian awards.  Working with the likes of Muhammad Ali, Evander Holyfield, Manny Pacquiáo (are you sensing a trend here or is it me) he has joined the ranks of world renowned philanthropists.


Not every philanthropist wins the Nobel prize.  The lady next door might be the biggest philanthropist in your community and you don’t even know it.  Philanthropists don’t necessarily toot their own horns because more likely than not, there are plenty of others willing to do it for them.  Namely, people so very thankful for their efforts that they cannot keep it to themselves.

Work At Home And In The Fresh Air

If you work at home, things can quickly become stale in your home office.  Most people crave the company of others and no matter how much you thought you were a hermit before switching to a home office, it can still get a bit quiet when you are working on your own.  If you want to avoid a bit of that solitude while working from home, you may want to try moving things outside to see if that can help.


Lots To See And Hear

Once of the biggest benefits of working outdoors when you are home is that it is rarely silent in nature.  There are always birds singing, dogs barking, bees buzzing, even the blowing wind can provide plenty of background noise and while they may not be the noises that we are used to hearing in the office, the noises can still be rather soothing and remind us that we are not alone.  However, working outdoors isn’t for everyone and those soothing noises can quickly become distractions for others.


Easily Distracted

If you are planning on working outdoors, you have to plan on doing more than taking your laptop and kicking back on one of your teak adirondack chairs.  It is important to remember that you are working and that this is now your job.  If you are the type of person who is easily distracted, working outdoors may not be the best idea for you.  In fact, moving things outside can make you even less productive than sitting inside wondering if you are the only person left on Earth.  You know yourself and you know whether or not you can handle it but many people come to find out that once they give it a shot, working outdoors really is too much of a distraction.

Moving your home office outside really can be as helpful as it can be harmful, depending on the person.  If you think you can handle it, though, working out in the fresh air is a great thing.  Sometimes, it may not even seem like work if you are doing it right.      

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